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Is your website user-friendly?

Why it’s important that your website is user-friendly to increase ...
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Perfexion October 2022 Blog

How SEO Affects Your Ranking on Search Engines

It used to be simpler. If you were looking for ...
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Perfexion June 2022 Blog

Help! My website isn’t bringing in business!

Reasons your website may not be as effective as it ...
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PPC Best Practices for Extra Effective Text Ads

What is PPC? PPC, also commonly known as pay-per-click, is ...
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How to Develop a Winning Social Media Strategy

The longevity and prosperity of businesses is largely determined by, ...
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SEO Strategies: Speedy Searches Yield Higher Rankings

In the age of the Internet, site speed is paramount ...
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What is a Backlink? Backlinks for SEO When a webpage ...
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Brace Yourself, Big Changes Coming with ‘HTTPS’

For webmasters, content developers, and business owners alike, search engine ...
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SEO Strategies: Mobile versus Desktop

Over the past decade, smartphones, tablets, and PCs have facilitated ...
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Protect Your Website from Hackers

How to Protect Your Website from Hackers(And Save Your SEO ...
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How to Avoid Google’s Manual Actions

Google has established general webmaster quality guidelines that serve to ...
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Which is Better – Organic Search or Paid Search?

Can Organic Search and Paid Search Co-exist? Every business owner ...
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Clickthrough Research Data Reveals the Importance of 1st, 2nd or 3rd Position in Google

How Website Ranking Affects Click-through Rates Business owners everywhere understand ...
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Understanding Website Authority

Understanding Domain Authority – The Basics If you are the ...
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Together, Local Business Listings and SEO Get Results

The longevity and prosperity of local businesses is largely determined ...
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How Long-Tail Keywords Enhance Your SEO

For webmasters, content developers, and business owners alike, search engine ...
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Understanding Mobile Marketing

Understanding Mobile Marketing Without a doubt, the world has gone ...
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Thinking of Dumping Your PPC Program? 4 Common Misconceptions…

Clearing up the Misconceptions around PPC Have you considered using ...
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Blog Writing

How Blogging Can Work for You The term blog derives ...
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Paid Search

Is Paid Search Marketing for You? The vast majority of ...
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Understanding Search Engine Marketing

Online Marketing: What Is SEM? Search engine marketing – SEM ...
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SEO in Non Techy Terms

What is SEO? SEO Basics Search Engine Optimization – SEO ...
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CMS and eCommerce Go Hand in Hand

CMS & eCommerce Web Design Ecommerce websites are successful only ...
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Online Marketing 101 – SEO and SEM Basics

Online Marketing SEO and SEM Online marketing is a broad ...
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Why Hire a Professional Web Design Company

Why Hire a Professional Website Design Company Few business owners ...
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