Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Website monitoring through Google Analytics is a critical step in understanding how well your website is performing. More specifically, web analytics tell you exactly what visitors to your website do once they get there. If you do not monitor web traffic or check the analytics for your website, gaining valuable insights to understanding your audience is nearly impossible.

The web development experts at PERFEXION understand that the best way for a business to know its online audience is through web analytics, and the stats and data analytics provide. This data is invaluable in telling you how you can improve your site and ultimately the user experience. A positive user experience is far more likely to lead to a conversion – a phone call, an email, a purchase – than a negative one. Analytics provide a wealth of information. What follows is just a sampling:

• Who visited your website and relevant characteristics about these visitors

• How long a visitor stayed on your website, the pages they clicked on, and the time spent on each page

• The page the user was on when they clicked off your website

• How a visitor got to your website – through an organic search? A search engine?

• The time of day your site has the most traffic

Your web team should set aside time each day to check web analytics and use the information gleaned to continually improve the user experience – by making sure visitors to your site are qualified and enhancing their site experience so they’ll be inclined to stay on your site and make a purchase or download information they find helpful.

If you have neither the time nor the resources to keep up with monitoring analytics or taking steps based on results, PERFEXION can help. With our professional web analytics services, we build tracking and reporting requirements around the specific needs of your business.

Beyond just monitoring web activity, our analytics experts explain your results and make recommendations for moving, changing, tweaking some aspect of your site to enhance the user experience and give visitors a reason to stay on your site and even request a product or service. Armed with the right information, you can prioritize and align your online marketing strategy accordingly.

How PERFEXION Monitors Analytics and Improves Conversions

We take your online business and digital marketing efforts seriously. We analyze your website performance and recommend conversion optimization strategies to turn your current web traffic into paying customers.

• We’ll perform a competitive analysis and Analytics audit so you’ll know how well – or how poorly – your website is performing.

• We provide insights into the people who visited your website, such as their geographic location, their buying preferences, how they landed on your site, etc.

• We report on web traffic patterns so you understand actions users take, and make recommendations for changing/improving their behavior on certain pages.

• We recommend changes for improvement where branding or marketing is inconsistent, or web pages are unclear – all designed to target more qualified customers and enhance their online experience – which ultimately improves your conversion rate.

Whether people shop in-store or online, if the store is disorganized and cluttered, and they are unable to easily and efficiently find what they’re looking for, they will leave – and probably never return. Don’t risk losing customers. Let PERFEXION handle the analytics to see where improvements are needed so customers not only enter your store, they stay there and look around, then make a purchase on their way out.



PERFEXION’s internet marketing professionals are available to show you how consistent Analytics monitoring and tracking can work for your business. Our offices in King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting, PA, serve clients in all of southeast Pennsylvania, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Berks counties, as well as in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Call PERFEXION today to learn more.