Video Marketing

The use of video as a business marketing tool has grown exponentially to the point every business should include video as part of their online marketing strategy. A well composed video has the power to touch consumers with sound and images that play on their emotions more effectively than mere words on a screen. Video lets you communicate the story of your brand, build a trusting relationship with those who view it, and enhance your company image overall.

The digital marketing experts at PERFEXION understand video marketing. We make recommendations on how and where video can support your business and help you incorporate video as part of your overall internet marketing strategy, regardless of the platform or service used to create the video.

Why use video marketing?

Statistics abound from a variety of video content experts. They are both impressive and convincing.

• Embedding a video on your website can improve your chance of appearing on the front page of a relevant Google search result by 54%.

• 77% of people say watching a video convinced them to make a purchase.

• 83% of business report that video gives them a good ROI.

• Conversion rates for video viewers outperform those of other marketing content.

• People are ten times more likely to engage with video than with a blog or social content.

PERFEXION knows you can’t simply create a video that screams “Buy, buy, buy,” post it to your website, and walk away. Having a video does not automatically lead to the successful marketing of your products and services. The content and placement of your marketing videos must be strategized and planned to ensure maximum exposure in front of the audience you wish to target. In addition:

• Video must be optimized for SEO. Depending on where the video is located – a specific web page, social media site, or in one of the popular video hubs such as YouTube – the video should contain backlinks to your website or directly to the product or service offering referenced in the video.

• Develop and target video content specifically to mobile users. Google says more viewers watch ads and branded content on their smartphones or on YouTube than they do on TV or a desktop computer.

• Well-timed videos in conjunction with your email marketing campaign have been shown to increase click-through rates.

• Use video to demonstrate or explain how to use your offerings. Explainer videos have been shown to be highly effective, especially when a company launches a new product or service, or when a concept might be complex. Done right, these videos can simplify concepts while relating details in an entertaining manner.

• Social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are conducive to video viewing and sharing when the video is interesting, funny, entertaining. These shares can lead to an increase in traffic to your website and thus grow leads, conversions, and sales.

PERFEXION is a full-service integrated marketing company. We consult with clients to understand their business operations and learn about their customers. Together we strategize to develop and implement the most effective digital marketing techniques to drive traffic, improve conversions, and grow profits.

Embedding a video on your website can improve your chance of appearing on the front page of a relevant Google search result by 54%.


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