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Google AdWords and Bing's Pay Per Click Management Services help your business get found by your target audience at the very time they perform a search for your business offerings on Google. AdWords lets you be seen across the web in the format that makes the most sense for your business – a text-based search ad, a YouTube video, a graphic display ad, or an app ad - you decide exactly how you want customers and potential customers to see you.

If you’ve decided the time is right to dive into Google’s AdWords services, PERFEXION can help. We are experts in search engine marketing management, and can explain the ins and outs of every Google AdWords service.

A few of the benefits of using Google AdWords include:

• You attract more customers in the form of new website traffic. A well-run ad campaign will rank well in search engine results and appear in front of the very people who are looking for your services.

• Web traffic from Google AdWords is highly qualified because the people who click on your ad are looking specifically for your business offering.

• Your ad reaches mobile customers wherever they are located. That means your ad appears when they are out searching for the exact type of service or products you offer. Click here to learn about how to create effective text ads.

• AdWords campaigns are customizable and flexible. You can target customers by location – locally, in specific cities, even globally.

• You set your AdWords budget and pay only when a user clicks on your ad or calls your business.

Google AdWords has proven successful for thousands of businesses by driving traffic to their websites, and ultimately increasing sales. But a campaign requires more than just setting a budget and listing a handful of keywords in an ad. Success requires a well-written ad that has been search engine optimized (SEO) and provides relevant content. Success also requires monitoring analytics and adjusting to make sure your ad is giving you the best results possible.

The online marking experts at PERFEXION have successfully run countless Google AdWords campaigns. We bring technical know-how and quality customer service to ensure customers receive maximum return for their AdWords campaign investment.

PERFEXION’s PPC management services include:

• Analysis of your business and your customer
• Gathering and understanding your online marketing goals
• Development of targeted keywords and phrases
• Ad creation, using multiple bid strategies based on geographics when optimizing keywords
• Setting parameters for every category in your campaign
• Monitoring your campaign daily and tracking the best-performing keywords

Results you can expect from your PPC AdWords campaign:

• Increased click-through rates and customer responses
• More qualified leads and traffic visit your website
• Higher ROI by bidding higher on top performing keywords
• Decrease in average cost per click
• Lower conversion rates

With our Google AdWords pay-per-click management services, you can rely on the experts to work with you to develop the right AdWords campaign strategy and plan, and then execute on that plan. We love getting results for our clients.

Google’s AdWords service helps your business get found by your target audience at the very time they perform a search for your business offerings on Google.


Contact PERFEXION today to learn how Google AdWords can work for your business. Our office in Plymouth Meeting, PA serves clients in all of southeast Pennsylvania, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Berks counties, as well as in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.