Blue Bell Astrophotography Web Design

Astrophotography Web Design

We created a Wordpress CMS driven website serving the global astronomical and astrophotography community.

The client wanted a mobile responsive website that was Content Management-driven (CMS), with the ability to update major portions of the website themselves using an easy to use content management system.

The website is photography heavy requiring multiple galleries that load quickly yet are able to present the high definition, quality and in-depth detail needed to accurately represent the galaxies, and scientfic information being shown.

<h2>Astrodrudis Blue Bell Web Design</h2>

WordPress Web Design

The website was developed in WordPress and was designed to enable the showing of high definition photography focusing on photo quality, definition, and educational information. WordPress was selected giving the client the ability to edit the website, photos, text and photo gallery areas of the website.

The website needs to load quickly and be responsive based on the users screen resolution.