Responsive Website Design Services, Philadelphia PA

Because you value customer service and user experience, your website should always reach and attract your target audience – regardless of the type of device they’re using. Today, more than 65% of web searches are done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This means that if your website is not responsive and mobile ready, you are missing out on potential new business. A mobile-friendly website is the best way to engage visitors to your site.

Mobile content delivery is essential to any business attempting to reach its full target audience. But given the variety of mobile devices, delivery platforms, and environments available, the best route a business should consider when going mobile is not always clear. Should you have a responsive website for desktop and mobile browsers, or is a custom mobile site or application the right answer for your business needs?

The experts at PERFEXION are available to help you decide. We consult with you to understand the specific mobile goals you want to achieve, and recommend and implement a solution based on your needs.

Mobile website vs. responsive design

Does your website have advanced features that deliver a more complex design or does it require more advanced user interactions such as product purchasing, multi-user interaction, advanced data entry, or user profiles? If yes, your best approach is to have a dedicated mobile website. Mobile platforms allow us to develop a mobile site experience tailored specifically to the needs of visitors to your site.

Or, if you want your website to display accurately on both desktop and mobile devices, but the site does not contain custom or advanced functions, a responsive website design may be right for you. With responsive design, the layout of your website adjusts dynamically to fit whatever size screen it’s being viewed from – without degrading image resolution.

Features and benefits of mobile website design

• When your business strategy calls for different content and user goals for mobile device users, a separate mobile web presence is the way to go.

• With mobile web design, a separate version of your website is created and the design, content, and functions adapted specifically for mobile users.

• Since screen size is smaller, the design of a mobile website can be more straightforward, the web content shorter and more concise, and navigation simpler.

• A mobile website can still use features such as Google maps, Twitter, photos, and videos.

• Google recommends responsive design as the mobile-friendly factor they use in search engine indexing and ranking – no separate mobile-ready website needed.

• Responsive design is vital to engaging customers and users – If they can't view and navigate around your site on their smartphone or tablet, they will move onto one they can. More and more business gets done online and on the go than ever before.

• Your web team has just one site to manage.

• Your existing website can be converted into responsive design without having to completely redo it.

PERFEXION's web design and development experts know that your business has unique needs. What is not unique is that your website must be user friendly, easy to navigate, and display consistently across different devices. A mobile-ready responsive design for your website takes full advantage of available technology to maximize the visibility of your brand and your business – every time.

Today, more than 65% of web searches are done on mobile devices. If your website is not responsive and mobile ready, you are missing out on potential new business.


Call or email PERFEXION today to learn how mobile and responsive website design can work for your business. Our office in Plymouth Meeting, PA, serves clients in all of southeast Pennsylvania, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Berks counties, as well as in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.