Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing, as just one tool in a company’s online marketing arsenal, is a highly effective way to get your brand and message out to your target audience. Email marketing lets you build new relationships with prospects and stay in touch with existing customers by providing news and updates about your business. Email marketing is also a lead-generating powerhouse that can lead to increased web traffic and ultimately increased sales. An effective email marketing campaign returns high rewards on your investment.

PERFEXION offers professional email marketing services that take your online marketing efforts to the next level. We consult and strategize with you to understand both your business and your target audience. When we understand your goals, we can then ensure that every email you send out is crafted to communicate the most effective message and best possible user experience.

An optimum email customer experience drives traffic, generates leads, and improves conversion rates. The email marketing team at PERFEXION is committed to helping you achieve those very results. Our web designers, web developers, copywriters, and other professionals have the expertise to manage all aspects of your email marketing strategy. We strive for quality development, design, and deployment of your message in every campaign.

PERFEXION’s goal is to make sure your brand delivers the right message to your desired audience at just the right time. We develop campaigns that reflect who you are and resonate with your customers and prospects. Our email marketing support services include:

• Building and managing your email distribution lists – to save you time and keep recipients organized by segment

• Creating one-time or recurring email campaigns – to reach customers at just the right time, depending on your message

• Organizing and managing your email calendar – so messages are sent out in alignment with business events and activities

• Creating customized email message templates that match your brand – for consistency of look and design that reinforces your brand

• Monitoring analytics for email open rates, click-throughs, etc. – to know how well each campaign performed and make adjustments for future emails

Why do email marketing?

Every business can benefit from the variety of email marketing techniques available.

Nurture relationships – Use the information gathered from prospects who complete an information request form on your website to develop and grow a new relationship.

Send customized responses – As prospects and customers sign up to receive emails, request information, or shop on your website, send an email tailored to the action they took, such as thanking them for signing up or sending them a coupon code for use on a future purchase.

Communicate with regularity – Establish a drip campaign for sending a series of emails on a schedule you define, such as a quarterly newsletter.

Send greetings and reminders – Send messages based on key dates on a customer’s record. For example, a birthday greeting, a reminder for an upcoming appointment, or a product warranty expiration.

Automation of the process – Email marketing tools such as those incorporated in Adobe Business Catalyst or platforms such as Constant Contact and MailChimp automate and simplify the process of sending personalized emails based on timing and relevance of the message, as well as where the customer is in the life cycle stage – so you nurture every lead, build trust, and add value.

Why use PERFEXION’s email marketing services?

PERFEXION’s email marketing specialists are available to provide whatever level of support you need in starting and managing an email campaign. We cover every aspect from automation to personalization

• We understand the insights and data surrounding email marketing, and use them to your advantage. For example, did you know that your most recent email subscribers are the most likely to click through to your website or that using a recipient’s first name in the subject line results in a higher click-through rate?

• So you can appropriately stimulate and capture the demand of your audience, we analyze their intents and behaviors – such as purchase history and browsing patterns – and use that information to optimize our recommendations for products, messaging, and content.

• We create robust customer profiles to help you better understand their behaviors and improve your campaigns – so that your messages are sent with the best frequency and content, and at the times your target audience is most likely to respond.

• Email designs align with the look and feel of your website and your brand. Your messages adhere to email marketing best practices for best results in terms of deliverability of the message and also the open and click-through rates.

• We test and monitor results regularly – for best performance and to change whatever is not working.

PERFEXION’s email marketing services are designed so you benefit by effectively marketing yourself to prospects and building lasting relationships.

Your target email audience benefits by receiving timely, useful information that, when taken advantage of, moves them along in the sales cycle and ultimately turns them into a paying customer.


Call PERFEXION today to learn how our email marketing services can work for your business. PERFEXION has an office in Plymouth Meeting, PA and serves clients in all of southeast Pennsylvania, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Berks counties, as well as in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.