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PERFEXION has joined forces with Kentico, provider of complete content management system (CMS) solutions for any and every type of website – corporate, e-commerce with online stores, intranet, and community. Perfexion has over 20 years experiences optimizing website for SEO, and content management systems.

Kentico provides web content management in its ASP.NET content management system for easy page management and multisite functionality via a single user interface. In Kentico’s own words, they help you “develop mobile-ready sites to create the ultimate web experience, and run your business globally.” Kentico provides out of the box functionality for your business.

Kentico boasts more out-of-the-box functionality than any other CMS vendor, and offers the following benefits:

Page management that is fast and easy – Forget coding and predefined pages. With Kentico’s page templates and easily customizable forms, you can create your website any way you like and to meet all your web content and online marketing needs.

Web design remains separate from web content – Developers can concentrate on layout and functionality while content writers/editors can remain focused solely on content creation, editing, and publishing. Fields can be added, modified, and deleted as needed.

Your website is mobile ready – Responsive design means you create your website just once and it will adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes, regardless of how it is being viewed. Kentico’s mobile preview option lets you preview how your website will appear on different screen sizes, so you can adjust content if necessary – a real time saver.

Unified brand experience – Page templates, responsive design, and support for multiple languages allow your brand to appear consistently across all types of devices and marketing channels, making for a singular user brand experience.

Ability to build active, engaged communities – Users and customers engage through social media, blogs, groups, and forums. Use these brand advocates to gain insight, build your company’s reputation, and secure qualified leads.

For a complete list of Kentico’s web content management features, click here.

If you’re like most companies, you rely on your website to grow your business. A content management system is an effective tool that increases productivity while also helping to manage your website and all your online marketing efforts.


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