Cloud-based services

With cloud-based services you can do business quickly and securely and respond to customer needs at any time and from any location. Cloud-based applications enhance how you do business – by giving you increased functionality; cost-effective, on-demand access to additional services; and increased capacity.

PERFEXION’s cloud-based services include data backup, exchange email and email archiving, Microsoft Office 365, SPAM filtering, Antivirus, and VoIP. Our cloud-based service offerings are dynamic, flexible, and cost effective.

With cloud-based services, you can do away with the need for equipment and infrastructure expenses involved with having file servers, email servers, database servers, backup systems, etc. And you avoid costs and time associated with keeping your IT network support staff trained and up to date on the use and maintenance of this equipment.

Our cloud-based services include:

• Data backup
• Exchange email
• Microsoft Office 365
• SPAM filtering
• Email archiving
• Voice over IP (VoIP)
• Anti-virus

Outperform the competition, stay competitive, and provide the best possible customer service with cloud-computing applications that are flexible and dynamic, and keep your IT infrastructure costs low.


PERFEXION’s IT support professionals are available to review your network needs and recommend the best combination of cloud-based services that meet your unique needs. Call us today to learn more