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Pay Per Click - PPC campaigns can generate traffic for your web site and leads for your business. Perfexion is a top PPC Management Company providing online marketing help to businesses.

Today Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing Ads have online Pay Per Click programs available. Perfexion, Inc. is a top PPC Agency and can assist your company by working with the various 3rd party services to create and maintain cost effective Pay Per Click campaigns. These strategies will make your business more successful.

Perfexion, Inc. is a Philadelphia PPC Agency providing expert PPC Management and PPC Consulting. We will research your business, develop a Pay Per Click marketing plan around your core services, and create a list of search criteria used by your customers when searching for your type of business or service. We will monitor and maintain your PPC campaign for you, while giving you complete control of your Pay Per Click marketing campaign.

We will provide you with professional Pay Per Click - PPC Management by:Philadelphia PPC Agency, PPC Management Consulting
  • Analyze your business
  • Gather your requirements and goals
  • Create targeted search words and phrases
  • Set prices for each category in your campaign
  • Monitor your campaign and provide feedback
  • Determining the right landing page for you
  • Creating multiple ads for increased click through rates and customer responses
  • Working with your web developer to help you with install conversion counters
  • Use multiple bid strategies when optimizing your keywords, based on geo-graphics
  • Using bid management software to daily monitor and identify the best performing keywords

The strategies above will provide you with Professional Pay Per Click - PPC Management by:
  • Increasing your click through rate
  • Bid higher on the better performing keywords to give you a higher ROI
  • Decreasing your average cost per click
  • Lowering your conversion rates
  • Increasing customer responses
  • Bring more qualified leads to your website
  • Compliment your Natural / Organic Search Engine Optimization - SEO Marketing