McKenzie Brew House

<h2>McKenzie Brew House</h2> Perfexion, Inc. was asked to develop three websites to serve a microbrewery restaurant at three locations, that is easily updated and highlights the fun atomosphere of the establishment.

We built both a regular and mobile websites that show the hours of operation, events, directions, and contact information. A menu is available as well as a schedule of upcoming events. The Perfexion, Inc. Content Management Systems (CMS), is used for updating key areas of the website. There is a gift card section where secure credit card transasctions can be taken.

The website features numerous areas with integrations to improve the user experience and a Mobile Web Design. Employees can be setup by management and training and knowledge based documents can be categorized by roles within the restaurant with security being applied so only employees in designated roles can view selected documents and presentations.

The software development for the website is built using Microsoft Technologies including Microsoft.net and SQL Server. Perfexion, Inc. also handles the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), kiosk, and Mobile technologies for the website.