Link Building

Link building and link development, as part of a company’s overall backlink profile, are vital components in any internet marketing strategy. As part of their ranking algorithm, search engines look at the links that go into a site. They also look at the strength and quality of those links. The level of quality of the links back to your website – the backlinks – is important, because high quality links result in increased visibility when a user performs a search using your targeted keywords and phrases.

PERFEXION’s SEO specialists understand the importance in putting backlinks to work for businesses. We work with you to learn about and understand your business and your customers. With that knowledge, we determine the link development strategy that will generate the best results and a positive return on your investment.

A strong backlink profile does not mean you have hundreds of links on other web pages that go back to your website. A quality backlink profile can, however, be developed naturally over time, in a manner that builds trust and shows you as an authority. Natural link-building is done easily in the course of implementing other search engine and internet marketing strategies. For example, most businesses do online blogging and social media marketing, and link these postings back to their website. These backlinks are both relevant and natural, so Google see them as quality links that improve your online presence.

PERFEXION’s web analysts review your company’s backlink profile to determine its strengths and weaknesses. We identify both high quality and weak backlinks, and make recommendations for improving your backlink profile. Identifying and removing weak backlinks is just as important as having strong backlinks because weak links could lower your search engine ranking – a risk you don’t want to take.

Our link-building services include research on: industry-specific web content, potential customers and where and how to find them, your company’s level of authority, available news and public relations (PR) opportunities, analyzing competitor backlinks, and more. And if you need help developing relevant, authoritative content to be used as part of your link-building strategy, our SEO team also has content writers available to assist.

You can rely on PERFEXION to develop and build backlinks that work for you. Call us today to learn how PERFEXION can help improve your backlink profile and about all our SEO services – all designed to improve the search engine ranking of your website.



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